Monthly Archives: February 2010


Normally, I don’t look forward to the start of the work week (I love my job, but I love the weekend more), but this Tuesday one of my fave local bluegrass bands, Cornmeal, will be releasing their live album, Live in Chicago, IL. Vol. 1. The album was recorded throughout the winter of 2009 at Martyrs’.  Cornmeal has been around for more than 10 years and play in Chicago almost every week, so it’s easy for me to forget how special they really are.  If the reviews of their live album (all great so far) are any idication, this new album should remind me just how special they are!  You can check out the new album this Tuesday and you can check them out on tour all March.


One of my least favorite parts of winter is how dry my skin gets.  Luckily, a friend recently gave me the perfect (homemade aka cheap!) recipe for a super moisturizing face mask.  I love it but let me know what you think.


Half a small, ripe avocado

1 or 2 inch piece of banana

1 tsp olive oil

*Mash everything together into a fairly smooth creamy paste.  Apply evenly to clean face, avoiding eyes.  Lay back and relax for 20 minutes (place a slice of cucumber over each eye if you want to de-puff your eyes).  After 20 or so minutes, you can rinse off the mask with warm water.

in the marble of your animal eyes
take my comfort anywhere
dry white scratches on a sunburnt shin
don’t give it a name
drowned and drinking the light
god’s eyes are closed
just like yours

straw bones nails of november clay
the way you kiss your uncle on the mouth
slow learner keep forgetful don’t give it a name
drowned and drinking the light god’s eyes are closed
just like yours
black sea resort off season days
broke heels and bare legs
pink waterline gave up on your twisted code
god’s eyes are crossed maybe just like yours

michigan girls by califone