Soap Time!

Last night B was nice enough to make a craft store run and pick up all we needed to start making soap this weekend.  He got a ton of different scents for us to work with (peppermint, vanilla, lilac, wild berry, coconut and grapefruit), as well as some basic colorants.  I’m also planning on adding natural exfoliants to the soap, such as oatmeal, coffee grounds, coconut flakes and corn meal.



Although, I must admit, I almost felt let down after reading the directions because it’s crazy easy to make soap!  I feel less special now that I know it’s easy enough for a kindergartner.  However, I should admit that we’re starting with the easiest style of soap making, the “melt & pour” method.  Eventually, I want to graduate to the more complicated (but still relatively easy sounding) “cold process” method.

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  1. Hi! Love the soaps… they look wonderful. And yes it is easy to make soap the melt and pour way, I also use the melt and pour method. However, the tricky part can be getting that perfect combo of oils and or colors to make the soap that you have pictured in your mind. I hope to get better at soap making and get to making it with lye, but then again if it gets too complicated then what fun would it be??

    Good luck on your future soaping! :)

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