24/7 Eggsperience

This past Sunday I checked out Eggsperience, the brand new 24/7 diner in River North (35 W Ontario St).  This place is so new that it’s Yelp page is less than a week old and still has less than ten reviews, but the place was packed!  On the up side it’s huge, so while it seemed like half of the neighborhood was there we didn’t have to wait for a table.  On the down side, our waiter made me feel a bit rushed – I was mid-bite into my rye toast when he asked me if I wanted a box to take my food to go.   While I appreciated the offer, restaurants usually wait until you’re done eating before asking if you’re ready to leave.  I’m just saying…

But what really matters is the food.  It was definitely good for diner food, even more so for a diner open 24/7.  When first looking over the menu, I thought it seemed a bit pricey for a diner (my Greek omelet was $9), but when the food came I no longer cared – the portions are huge!  Two people can easily feast of one meal there.   Let’s just hope it lasts, past restaurants in the same location (Graze and Masck) have been unsuccessful.


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