10 most addictive sounds in the world



Buyology Inc. and Elias Arts, a sound identity company in New York, recently conducted a study on responses to sounds and found that sound has remarkable power on people.  They stress that as marketers become more aware of this power, sounds will be used in increasingly sophisticated ways to increase brand awareness.

Top 9 Branded Sounds (I couldn’t find the 10th anywhere, let me know if you can)

1. Intel chime

2. National Geographic theme

3. MTV theme

4. T-Mobile ringtone

5. McDonald’s jingle

6. State Farm jingle

7. AT&T ringtone

8. Hope Depot jingle

9. Palm Treo ringtone

Top 10 Non-Branded Sounds

1. Baby giggle

2. Vibrating phone

3. ATM / Cash register

4. “Star Spangled Banner”

5. Sizzling steak

6. “Hail to the Chief”

7. Cigarette light and inhale

8. “Wedding March”

9. “Wish Upon a Star”

10. “Late Night with David Letterman” theme


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