I’m very excited to be attending my second ever X-marx junket this weekend!  X-marx is half underground restaurant, half the-best-dinner-party you’ve ever attended.  Basically, an amazing, CIA trained chef (Abe Conlon) has taken “high-end, modern, globally-influenced food out of the restaurant and present{s} it in a relaxed, social environment”.  All X-marx events are BYOB and held at one large communal table, seating 20 or so.  The first one I attended was their 2nd Annual All Hallows’ Eve Junket and was probably the 2nd best meal I’ve ever had in my life (the first being Moto).

If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, you first have to get on their mailing list.  That’s the simple part.  To actually get into a junket or market dinner, you have to solve a riddle found in their mailings in order to secure your place at the table.  It’s a bit more work than I’m used to when making a reservation, but there is no doubt it’s worth it!  I’ll make sure to post pictures of Saturday’s junket, so stay tuned…

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