x-marx macau market dinner

This past Saturday, B was going to an X-marx dinner with his co-workers and, lucky for me, someone backed out and I got to join them.  This was the first market dinner I’ve gone to, the past two were junkets – which are a few courses longer.  I might actually prefer the market dinners, as I wasn’t totally exhausted by the end of the meal.

This Saturday’s Macau Market Dinner consisted of six courses and was the first time I’d ever had (or heard of) Macanese cuisine.  It’s a fusion of southern Chinese (mainly Cantonese) and Portuguese cuisines with significant influences from Southeast Asia.  Basically, amazing.  Sadly, the pigs ear is not pictured below.  I loved every course (even the pigs ear and live scallop), but must admit I wasn’t that fond of the chicken heart.

best dumpling ever

live scallop (and other good stuff I can't remember)

clams and chicken heart (which totally tastes like sausage)

pork chop bun (tied with the dumping as my favorite course)

cashewed fruit and an egg tart

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