I finally made it to l20 on Saturday and it was everything I had heard it was.  Often, going to (over) hyped restaurants I’m let down, at least in some little way, but that was not the case with l20.  It’s in the Belden-Stratford Hotel, however the decor of l20 couldn’t be more different than that of the hotel’s.  l20 is small, sleek and modern.  The interior was perfect, at least for my tastes.

And the food, seafood-focused, was just as perfect.  We did the 4 course prix fixe meal; I got the medai, followed by kampachi, teriyaki, salsa verde tempura and for my main course I had their steelhead salmon, baked in clay with North African spices, grits and dates.  For our dessert option, we could choose between a cheese plate or something sweet.  I went for the sweet with their praline souffle.  The souffle was amazing, but it’s the first souffle I’ve had so I have nothing to compare it to.   Overall, it was the best seafood I’ve had in Chicago.  Check out some pictures of l20’s food and you’ll discover that it’s just as beautiful as it is delicious.

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  1. volvo said:

    dear lord, woman, you just made my mouth water.

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