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mobile evolution

Living in a city definitely has so many advantages, and I don’t plan to move away from city life for many years (if ever), but I do long for some more space at times. And for more control over my visual environment at all times. Which probably explains why I spent a good portion of my afternoon daydreaming and drooling over architectural porn on my version of heroin, or, as it’s more commonly know, on Pinterest. Here are a few of my faves…

sliding doors turn downstairs to outside/inside area. swoon.


a view from every room in the house!


pool tree! i would so hang a rope swing from that tree…


modern, oceanside pool


pretty lines, pretty chill


skylight love


bathroom love


zig zag staircase. made for sober feet...

Today, B & I had an early breakfast at Jam, a well-received Ukrainian Village brunch spot on Damen Avenue. We’ve been twice before and each time I’ve had their Malted Custard French Toast with Rhubarb, Lime Leaf Cream & Pink Peppercorn. Admittedly, french toast could sound much more pompous. But it also doesn’t get much better than that… If you’re at all a french toast fan (even if you’re not, really) you need to try this shiz. It’s that good.

B had some sort of egg and pork shoulder sandwich, that also had watermelon on it. I was pretty skeptical  at first, but the bite I stole was quite good — and I’m not normally a big fan of that sort of thing. We also split a side of pork belly. I don’t eat much meat, and when I do it always comes with a side of guilt, but this stuff was just too good to resist. Not that surprising, as their chef, Jeffrey Mauro, comes from Charlie Trotters and North Pond.

It was our first time going in warm enough weather to sit outside, in their sculpture garden, which was nice. I’d take eating outside, over inside, anytime. (One of the reasons I miss Spain so much…) Also, it’s getting noticably cooler out, and we’re just days from September, so we’re trying to enjoy the outdoors while we still can.

the king of french toast

nom nom nom

jam's insides

As summer draws closer to its end, I’ve already begun to (pre)mourn some of my favorite parts of summer. S’mores – in any form – are one of those summer faves. I particularly love all of the crazy variations on the normal, simple s’more. Have you ever tried any of these?

s'more pie, from Just a Taste

s'more bars, from Not So Humble Pie

frozen s'more parfaits, from The Wanna Be Chef

s'more cookies, from The Girl Who Ate Everything

chocolate & peanut butter s'mores, from Sunset