Monthly Archives: November 2011

I’m excited for dinner tonight! I’m making Hot & Spicy Braised Peanut Tofu (in a slow cooker – score!) for the first time. The recipe calls for chicken but I’m subbing in tofu instead. If it tastes anywhere near as good as it smells, we’ll be in good shape! 


Soooo, I realize it’s still a few months away but I’m already getting pretty excited about Coachella. Basically, it’s becoming project time! We always try to make some cool things to bring along, as well as stocking up on both totally crazy and extremely practical things before going (think: inflatable jungle animals & a pack of P-Mates – hypothetically speaking of course…). Here are a few of the DIY projects I’m considering for this years adventure: 1) Glitter Shoes  2) Sharpie Shirt  3) Scissor Back  4) Heaven

OK. So L.A. I love it. I’ve been a number of times and I only like it more and more each time I visit! To me, it’s the perfect combination of big, urban city & outdoor awesomeness (mountains, beaches, desert, fantastic foliage, crazy trees, perfect weather). This trip, we ate at a bunch of really great places, including brunch at Blu Jam Cafe, lunch at bld, tapas at Cobras & Matadors, burgers at Umami Burger and some of the best tacos I’ve ever had at Guisados.

We also took a tour of Paramount Studios (we got to go on the set of Community), shopped on Abbot Kinney and walked the canals in Venice (see fuzzy iPhone pic below), played putt-putt golf (outdoors & in a t-shirt, ahhh California weather…), checked out a gallery filled only with Bill Murray pop art, and saw (and chatted with) one of my favorite comedias – Patton Oswalt! We ate Thanksgiving dinner outside, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu. Basically, a perfect trip! Now I just can’t wait to go back…

We got back from our trip to L.A. last night and, I must admit, I did not want to leave sunny California!  Every time I visit, I get the feeling that I’m “home” and I don’t want to leave. Well, I did want to return to my sweet cat, Suki, but other than that I would be quite content staying put in L.A.! I promise to post more on my trip later this afternoon…