Thanksgiving in LA

OK. So L.A. I love it. I’ve been a number of times and I only like it more and more each time I visit! To me, it’s the perfect combination of big, urban city & outdoor awesomeness (mountains, beaches, desert, fantastic foliage, crazy trees, perfect weather). This trip, we ate at a bunch of really great places, including brunch at Blu Jam Cafe, lunch at bld, tapas at Cobras & Matadors, burgers at Umami Burger and some of the best tacos I’ve ever had at Guisados.

We also took a tour of Paramount Studios (we got to go on the set of Community), shopped on Abbot Kinney and walked the canals in Venice (see fuzzy iPhone pic below), played putt-putt golf (outdoors & in a t-shirt, ahhh California weather…), checked out a gallery filled only with Bill Murray pop art, and saw (and chatted with) one of my favorite comedias – Patton Oswalt! We ate Thanksgiving dinner outside, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu. Basically, a perfect trip! Now I just can’t wait to go back…


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