trenchermen pop-up

Last week B and I went out to dinner for our Valentine’s date. We’ve gotten in the habit of going out a day or two before, as the day of is an absolute mob scene around here. This year we went to a pop-up restaurant at the Logan Square Kitchen. It was put on by Trenchermen, a locally & seasonally focused restaurant, which will be opening in the old Spring space in Wicker Park sometime this year. The dinner was five courses, all of which came with a drink pairing. They really nailed the drink pairings! Neither of us are big drinkers, and I worried I wouldn’t enjoy having so many drinks with
one meal, but they all went so well with each dish and most were quite unique, so it ended up being one of my favorite parts!

The first course was “Pickle Tot, Chicken Bonito, Scallion” (paired with Eric Bordelet ‘Authentique’) and was basically a pickle tater tot, with very thin strips of cured chicken, fresh scallions and a red
onion yogurt. It was quite yummy! The second course was “Tortellini, Ricotta, Sake Lees, Butternut Squash Miso, Smoked Pickled Grapes” (paired with Nigori Chai), this was my least favorite course, although we both really loved the smoked pickled grapes. We’d had carbonated grapes before, at an X-Marx event, and these were quite similar but with a much more smoky flavor. The third course was “Scallops, Oyster Avgolemono, Egg Yolk, Bamboo Rice” (paired with Three Floyds Gumball
Head). This was my second favorite course — the scallops were cooked perfectly and the bamboo rice, which I’d never had before, was delicious. The fourth course, “Aged Duck, Corn Bread, Yuzu Apple Sauce” (paired with Rene Rostaing C.DL. ‘Puech Noble’ 2007) was OK but nothing too special — although the wine pairing was amazing! The fifth, and final course, was the dessert course and it was “Coffee Cake, Fried Chocolate, Tofu Chai Ice Cream” (paired with
Elio Perrone ‘Bigaro’ 2010). We both loved the dessert.

Overall, it was a great meal in a relaxed, romantic setting (exposed brick walls and lots of candle light). I think we will definitely be trying Trenchermen out when they open in their permanent space. For more info, you can check out Chicagoist’s write up of the event here.


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