Delocated Live

I cannot fully express how insanely excited I am to see one of my favorite shows of all time, Delocated, performed live tomorrow!  AND they’re doing it at my favorite bar in all of Chicago – The Hideout (which is also where Bob and I had our first date).  AND it’s Bob’s birthday tomorrow.  AND after Delocated, we’re going to see another comedy show, Aziz Ansari, at The Chicago Theatre.  So, basically, I cannot wait for tomorrow!

If you haven’t seen Delocated yet, move it to the top of your to-do list immediately!  It’s only three seasons in and the first season had fifteen minute episodes (now they’re thirty minutes) so you can catch up quickly.  The basic premise is a guy goes into the witness protection program and at the same time (and because of this) a TV network moves him to New York City to star in a reality show about being in the witness protection program.  Here’s a clip from Season 3 when Jon (the star of the show) is forced to sell his potato skins bar.

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