Completed Weekly Recipes

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m trying to start actually making some of the hundreds of recipes I’ve pinned over the past few months.  Last week I made this Roasted Red Pepper Chickpea Salad, this Goat Cheese Bean Dip & this Vegan Thai Pizza.

I loved the chickpea salad, although I put it on top of arugula rather than watercress.  I had some for dinner and saved the rest for lunch the next day and it held up well.  I also really liked the goat cheese bean dip, although it’s a time consuming dish.  The thai pizza was great!  I left off the non-dairy cheese (trying to eat less processed foods) and I didn’t miss it at all.  I wish I had also left off the cabbage – I’m not a fan – but otherwise it was fantastic and definitely something I’ll make again.

Goat Cheese Bean Dip ingredients + avocado for guacamole

Roasting the habanero peppers

To be honest, I was more excited to try our new Le Creuset cookware than I was to try the dish…

(personal photos)


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