Long time no talk!

Ok, so it’s been three months since I last wrote. That alone made me think I should just let it lie but lately I’ve been getting the urge to start posting again, so here goes…  I can’t guarantee there won’t be be more dormant periods in the future – but I’ll try to keep them a whole lot shorter than three months!  Sometimes I just get busy and don’t upkeep Sunday Noises like I’d like to. And I have been busy, so I will be doing some posts on past events – like a long weekend in San Antonio, an epic caramel apple bar, a visit from our hilarious friends Carlie and Doni, as well as Bob & mine’s (belated) honeymoon in Belize last week.

Hope all my U.S. readers had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! We spent it in Michigan with my family. My mom made all of her fantastic Thanksgiving dishes – creamed onions, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, green beans, homemade apple sauce, a great salad and – of course – turkey & lots of pie! Laura, my brother’s amazing girlfriend, made the mashed potatoes and apple pie. It was a great day of family, pets, good food & a rowdy game of Taboo.

our table

our view / lake michigan

bob / carving the turkey

my mom, lending a helping hand

my dad & brother

laura, my brother’s gf & their adopted pooch zoe

peg, our family dog, a springer spaniel

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