Fat Rice

This past Saturday, Bob and I enjoyed the best meal we’ve had all year!  We dined at Fat Rice, the newly opened Asian fusion restaurant in Logan Square.  Chef/Owner, Abraham Conlon, and General Manager/Owner, Adrienne Lo, describe the food as, “drawing influence from the Euro-Asian unions of China, India and Southeast Asia’s colonial past, the food at Fat Rice combines homestyle comfort with exotic, lesser known ingredients and flavors“.

We’d been lucky enough to try their food before when they were running X-marx, the successful and always super fun underground dining experience, which they also started.  Their food never fails to impress and Fat Rice is no exception.  We arrived just 10 minutes after opening and they were already half full.  By the time we had sat down at the L-shaped bar (the other seating option is long, communal tables) and ordered our drinks, they had filled up entirely.  So go early!

Most of their dishes are made for sharing, something I’m not always a fan of, but it works well here.  We started with a trio of small snacks – lemongrass carrots, spicy pickled cucumber & Charlie’s peanuts.  The spicy cucumber was my favorite and I would buy them by the gallon if they ever started selling them retail.  The peanuts were good but they were the only dish I wasn’t crazy about – that said, Bob loved them, so it was simply personal preference.  We also split a pork & shrimp pot sticker, which was easily the best pot sticker I’ve ever had in my life (Bob agreed).  Then we split the Fat Rice Casserole (linguica, portuguese chicken, salted duck, tea egg, prawn, clam, roasted pork) which was the best dish we’ve had all year.  I’m not a big meat eater but loved it anyway – it’s that good. Finally, we were gluttons that night, we split the Pineapple Upside Down Cake for dessert.  Again, easily one of the best desserts I’ve had in a long time.

Go, and go soon!  You’ll thank me after.  They are currently open Tuesday-Saturday from 6-10 p.m. and do not accept reservations.  You can check out more Fat Rice photos, via Grub Street, here.

lemongrass carrots, spicy pickled cucumber & Charlie’s peanuts


inside, just before it filled up


hard at work in the open kitchen


fat rice menu


fat rice casserole

  1. I will be sure to try this place out! If this place has a Bob & Clare stamp of approval, it must be gooood!

  2. You’re too sweet! :) I do think you’d really like it! Maybe we can all go together sometime soon?

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