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I’ve only recently become aware of Kate Moross, a designer and illustrator based in London, but I love her work.  It’s a little pop-y for my taste, at least normally, but something about it just works for me.






(artwork via kate moross)




How awesome are these staghorn ferns?!  I want a wall full of them immediately!  I’ve always thought mounted animal heads were super creepy and gross but these look fantastic without the dose of death.  Want.

(photo via wolf eyebrows)

B & I are on vacation and on our way to California to attend our third Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. It’s pretty much our favorite week of the year and this year, for the first time, we’re renting a house in Palm Springs with friends rather than camping. I’ve had great experiences camping at festivals but I’m super psyched to go the house route this year, especially since the house we rented looks super nice and has a pool, hot tub, grill and fire pit! Anyway, goodbye for now and I will return to you next Tuesday. Hope you all have a great week!